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What Is A Concrete Apron?

A concrete apron is a concrete slab that extends from the beginning of the driveway all the way to one or two feet beyond the garage. These are often referred to as driveway aprons and they serve many purposes. Not only can they be a decorative, aesthetic piece, but they can also play an important role in the home's drainage system or grading.

Because these types of aprons can be installed independent of the driveway, the aprons are often chosen to provide the most effective solution for issues such as garage flooding or caved in driveways. These aprons are also beneficial in alleviating other problems that may be caused by a driveway that was not graded properly.

When a homeowner is ready to hire a professional contractor to install an apron for their driveway, there are several different choices that they should be aware of when making their decision.

Aprons made of concrete and asphalt are able to solve many landscaping issues around the home. Many of them have already been previously mentioned such as fixing sunken driveways and improving garage draining issues.

However, there are some significant differences between the aprons as well. It is important to understand that properly installed concrete will always be stronger than asphalt. Not only does concrete have a longer lifespan when compared to asphalt, but it does not require as much servicing as asphalt requires.

With that said, there are some homeowners who prefer asphalt aprons if there is significant foundational damage under their garage. A reputable contractor and his team will work with a homeowner to determine the best fit for their driveway.

These two aprons are also different when it comes to aesthetics. Concrete is typically chosen when a homeowner wants to install an intriguing visual component to the driveway. Experienced contractors are able to installed colored, decorative, conventional or stamped elements as driveway solutions.

In fact, for many homeowners, the visual component alone is enough of a reason to make the decision and invest in a driveway apron that is made of concrete.

As mentioned earlier, a sunken driveway is one of the main reasons homeowners install a driveway apron. So, what are some of the signs that homeowners should be aware of?

The first thing that homeowners should be aware of is knowing what their driveway is exposed to the majority of the time. For example, many driveways begin to sink because of the pressure caused by ice, snow and rain. Sunlight can also contribute to the deterioration of the driveway. This means that driveways that are in direct sunlight for longer periods of the day are more at risk.

Also, consider where the water collects around the driveway. If there are pools of water, puddles or ice that sits at the top of the driveway, this could be additional proof that the driveway is sinking.

Fortunately, professional contractors are equipped, skilled and knowledge and can work with homeowners to identify the main cause of the problem and address the warning signs before they become much bigger issues.

Homeowners who believe that a concrete apron would improve the look and function of their driveway should contact a professional contractor. These aprons are wonderful investments that can improve the longevity of a garage, driveway and a home.

Concrete apron

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